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Junkstar | Kicking K

It’s meant to be the middle of Summer here in the UK and of course it is raining and overcast, I just need something to cheer up my day and just landed in my inbox is the antidote. The new single from JunkstarKicking K.

Junkstar | Kicking K

Junkstar | Kicking K

It’s been a while since I last wrote about Junkstar and in that time they have got better, which is great news.

Kicking K is a 3 track single now available on Kicking K - Single - Junkstar*

Opening with Kicking K Over 3 and a half minutes of just what I needed. Sawing electronics reverberate against some well crafted guitar as the vocal lifts the spirit. Some well judged breaks permit Junkstar to demonstrate their ability as songwriters. It isn’t an easy feat to raise the poppy electronic above the mundane. For a lesson on how to construct this style of music, Kicking K stands as a case study.

Girls Like Him sees the band off on another frenzy of energy. Lazy off-tempo reverb is over-layed with rapidly progressing drums, creating some superb souped-up electronic-reggae (is that even a genre?). One of those diamond tracks that make writing about music such a pleasure.

Finishing with Inside My Face, reminiscent of Rock-a-Billy melded with Iggy and the Stooges and a spoonful of Kraftwerk. Far more importantly this works. A step away from the other two tracks, this permits Junkstar to have some real fun and explore some new sounds, damn I was even taken to the Nile for a refrain.

A well crafted release and any one of the tracks is worth the price of the single.

While I am here, I received another track to take a listen to…. No, let’s do that another day and I must just add, as long as the 14 hole DMs keep making an appearance, the more I will want to write…

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*Purchases made through the Kicking K - Single - Junkstar link will result in the indie bands blog earning a commission.

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