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The Steepwater Band | Clava

… Then it was Sunday and after a few drinks it seemed churlish to not have any more and I just didn’t get round to writing… Oh, Hi. I was just rehearsing my excuse as to why I didn’t get round to reviewing Clava by The Steepwater Band earlier than now.


The Steepwater Band | Clava

The Steepwater Band | Clava

Once again, The Steepwater Band managed to find some time to head in to the studio and have now released their 5th Album Clava, which is available on Clava (Deluxe Version) - The Steepwater Band*

A ten track release Clava opens with Remember the Taker: Immediately recognizable as Jeff, Joe and Tod, aka The Steepwater Band, as Jeff picks his way across bottleneck guitar. They manage to translate the enthusiam of live performance in studio re-takes with alactrity.

Vanishing Girl finds the vocal some space to shine through the powerful trio of musicians and the album is in full flow. The guys are back and all is well. I get to this point in the album and recall all the reasons that I have admiration for a band who play a genre of music I always struggle to negotiate.

Continuing with Come on Down, a crafty little composition. Toe stomping and air guitar comes to the fore, oh it is chaos in front of my computer. As the lyric states ‘I’ve got everything you need’ as that is so true of Come on Down.

Love Never Ends, is it just me or is that an intro reminiscent of Persons Unknown. This is a far more urban sounding piece by the guys and it suits my ears comfortably. Perhaps it’s the fact that The Steepwater Band got a bit more spunky, that my admiration has grown. Great track.

Now we are off to the 60′s with Bury My Burden Deep, are you sure there are only three guys in the band? Exploratory and ever refreshing, they are able to calm down a track to the bare bones and still pour a surging wave of power.

Over half-way through the album already. High and Humble is a reminder of what The Steepwater Band is all about. Rock riffs explode like stars in the sky, the essential core that makes them who they are.

Won’t Be Long For Now continues the new dimensions we find on this release. Rock meets urban Roots, reminiscent of The Clash.

Out on Love, is another new space for the album, the tempo notches up a couple of gears as guitar and drum are given an outing, which they carry with the aplomb of a new car driving out of the showroom for the first time.

All too suddenly the penultimate track arrives Off The Rails and with my sinking heart, so the music catches my mood, as a more soulful number introduces the finale to the release.

So we finish with Meet Me In The Aftermath, rounding off a well crafted album which finds The Steepwater Band exploring new space as well as rephrasing their old stomping grounds.

It’s been a over a year since I saw them in Bush Hall and look forward to catching up with them on their upcoming European tour.

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