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The New Loud

Shane Olivo (Guitar/Vocals), Radish Beat (Drums/Vocals) and Jessi Nakles (Keyboard/Vocals) make up the Milwaukee, USA based indie out-fit The New Loud, which has been around for about 6 years.

The New Loud

The New Loud

Clouds of steam normally emanate from my ears when I hear from… yet… another… US Indie band, they invariably sound like a bad copy of a poor band. The New Loud however quickly extinguished the steam as they generate something of genuine interest. For sure there are overtones of the band I can’t bear to type today, but they are far more than a copy. The trio cleverly utilize the vocal strengths of the artists and combine with this a some creative instrumentation.

Relying on the electronics to lift them above the mundane, The New Loud achieve this with ease, as they take the listener across a plethora of syncopation. They play with comfort faster rock driven tracks and are equally at home with a slower euro-beats. Making superb use of the vocal interplay the ears are continually challenged to keep-up.

The longevity of the out-fit has enabled them to create a degree of confidence, which has led them to explore a wider space than might typically be expected and far more importantly they do it with flair. I much prefer when they head off to their own ground as this is where their real power lies.


Wrapped in Plastic which is available on Wrapped In Plastic - The New Loud* is a good introduction to The New Loud.

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*Purchases made through the Wrapped In Plastic - The New Loud link will result in the indie bands blog earning a commission

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