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Audiogold | Embers and Theories

It has been a little while since I last wrote about Audiogold and it is good to be able to provide an update with news of their upcoming Album Embers and Theories.

Audiogold Embers and Theories

Audiogold Embers and Theories

Not due for release digitally until early October 2011, rumour has it that there may be some physical CDs around from the middle of September.

10 tracks in total, opening with T-Lights. The unmistakeable sound of the band shines through in this well tempered opening track. I can feel myself wandering off to open festival spaces. Audiogold are deft exponents of blending rock and folk and in this instance they even decide to add some string accompaniment, which rounds off the sound of the track extremely well.

Upping the tempo slightly, Traps, has the soundscape of a great rock opera, powerful, yet flowing and followable. Vocal dexterity is given a frame on which to focus the ears, while the instrumentation provide well constructed support. A big thumbs up for the overtone singing.

You and I is a track I know well, yet retains the freshness of the first play. Un-fettered by time, the composition takes the listener into a state of suspension, where only the calming tones emanating from the speakers matter.

*update 2/9/11 video available

Burn Sunlight, somehow has a tropical flavour without any particular reason I can explain. But I have visions of a large stage presence, at dusk on some warm beach. Some well timed staccato guitar takes this track to a new space for the band and they fill the space comfortably.

A piano and string open So Long to You, which continues with plaintiff vocal, a well judged piece and I applaud the guys for taking a chance with this one. The vocal is pushed to the edges, but carries it off with space to spare. It isn’t my favourite, but it is always great to find bands trying something challenging and having the conviction to include it in a release. It’s why I like Audiogold. They don’t play music that is in my hunting ground, but they play with absolute confidence in their material and deserve far more airtime.

Get Along Without You, keeps the tempo at the slower pace with an acoustic led piece. One of the real strengthens of the band is the way they can introduce a change in structure half-way through a track and make it sound like a natural progression. On this track we are suddenly wafted by a hint of an electric guitar break that rears out of nowhere, yet sits in perfect harmony.

Heading back to a rock based piece, Southbank finds the band in fine fettle. This piece is marked out by the superb control the band hold on a track which many artists would want to thrash out, but that isn’t Audiogolds‘ style. Like a fine Bordeaux, they hold their ground with certainty.

Cymbalism – I just like the play on words. Somehow this seems tongue in cheek, as they demonstrate their ability to play rock riffs along with the rest, yet still deliver their own unique spin. They sound nothing like Queen, yet they have that same confidence to plough their own furrow.

Damn we are already on the penultimate track of an intriguing release. Analogue treats the ears to rocky-folk foray,  I am sure I heard some Morrissey, not as a pastiche, but as a superb vocal. I know I keep going on about the vocal, but… it needs to be mentioned, highlighted and showcased.

And so we finish (yes I know about the grammar issues of this sentence, but somehow when you listen to Audiogold it doesn’t matter). Hymn-171, is a superb composition. You may think as an old punk rocker and anarcho-capitalist, not to mention atheist that I can’t possibly appreciate multi-layered classically influenced compositions, but this track pierces all preconceptions and I challenge any genuine music lover not to find something exquisite about this final piece. For this track alone I urge you to get your hands o this release as soon as it becomes available. In the mean-time harry the guys to let you take a listen to this one.

A teaser to the release.

As soon as I have release links I will update the article, stay in touch with us on twitter to get the latest updates.

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