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The I.D.

From North London in the UK, The I.D. are a four piece band who have been around since 2009. Kevin Synnott (Guitar), Sean Brennan (Bass), Joel McBride (Drums) and Leo Cosendai (Vocals) generate a tight soundscape which brings in tones of the early ’80s 2nd generation punk bands.

The I.D.

The I.D.

There I was gently trying to catch up with an over-flowing in-box when I noticed an email from Leo, which grabbed my attention. The clean lines of a well rounded outfit swept gently out of the speakers, wafting my memory back to the early eighties, I decided to take a closer listen.

A couple of years in to their career as a band they have overcome the hurdle of finding a footing, as they are becoming an ever more frequent sight on the North London circuit and I wouldn’t expect it will be long from here, that they manage to find some space to a wider tour as a support act.

Compacted shoegaze guitar is superbly accompanied by a distinctive vocal, whilst bass and drum combine to frame the pieces in a neatly constructed framework. There is always a danger with bands that take this direction they will end-up following the U2 bandwagon, though there are some nods in that direction, I am delighted that they retain their own focus. The well written compositions have a sharp sound, which is balanced by some interesting use of echo enabling them to easily be envisaged on one of the festival stages, adding some creative and current value.

Having swam under the radar for a while, there is little by way of video to offer, so let’s take a moment to listen instead.

Last To Fall by The I.D


The I.D. are a band who I look forward to keeping in touch with, brimming with potential, I hope they can retain their distinctive sound without becoming swallowed up in the world of commerciality.

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