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Echo Arcadia

Echo Arcadia is the Edinburgh, Scotland based alternative indie septet of Leigh Moyes (Lead Vocals/ Rhythm Guitar), Vonny Moyes (Lead Guitar / Vocals), Euan Mushet  (Bass), Dan Ciesielski (Drums), Kev Tierney (Guitar / Vocals /Trumpet), Pete Nicholson (Keys / Vocals) and Andrew Gray (Violin / Vocals). Echo Arcadia are one of those introductions that sat in my inbox for quite some time […]

The Banter Thiefs

The Banter Thiefs is an indie rock band from Motherwell in Scotland. Back in 2007 the germ of an idea came to mind which expanded to the current line-up of David Clark, Derek Watson, Keith Condie and Darren O’Rourke. Hit play – energy comes surging out of the speakers and this I enjoy – I wish I could say […]

Universal Thee

Universal Thee is an indie folk rock band from Edinburgh in Scotland. The line-up addition has recently seen the band expand to the quintet of: James Russell (Guitar / Vocals); Lisa Russell (Vocals); Robin Spivey (Guitar); Sean MacDonald (Bass) and Kevin Haddow (Drums). There is an easy underlying humorous tilt to the music which is delivered in […]

Park Planet

Park Planet an indie rock band from Glasgow and Edinburgh in Scotland is Gordon (Bass / Vocal), Graham (Guitar / Vocal) and Leon (Drums / Vocal). I started the player and had to hit pause to get out the polish and shine the speakers to match clean lines of the material soaring their way in to […]

Chasing Owls

Chasing Owls is a folk-rock band from Edinburgh in Scotland composed of Callum Bateman, Naomi Black, James Moir and Ben Sunderland. Not a natural nest for me, but I hear something that makes sense and more than that tickles the taste-buds. What is even more surprising is that I only received this introduction four hours ago (as I write). There is a foot […]

Fluorescent Hearts

Fluorescent Hearts from Glasgow is an alternative indie rock band made up of Chris Ashton (Guitar / Vocals), Andrew Stuart (Bass) and Gary G (Drums) who got together in 2011. On this occasion Glasgow shows its more emotional side in comparison with many of the bands reviewed from the City. It is difficult to believe these guys have been playing together for only […]

Gordon Duthie

Gordon Duthie is a self-funded under the radar 21st Century indie folk singer songwriter from Aberdeen in Scotland. Thank you for indulging me over the past three days to reminisce over the never did happen fortieth birthday of my partner and the co-founder of Indie Bands Blog and Company Secretary for AIUK Julie Norbury and somehow this seems […]

Sonic Hearts Foundation

Sonic Hearts Foundation is an industrial indie rock band from Glasgow in Scotland. Anthony Henderson (Vocal / Guitar / Keys), Brian Crawford (Guitar / Synth), Thomas Crawford (Drums) and Conor Dixon (Bass) got together in 2010 and after considerable nationwide success in live performance recently released their debut single The Storm. The sound could have been riven out […]


Rollor is a two piece industrial rock band from Glasgow comprising Matt Harris (Vocals / Guitar) and David Collins  ( Bass) and a certain drum machine aka Dr Drumrollor. Detuned instruments clatter in to the room and an engaging mix of frantic energy is let loose. The Bass reminds me of Jean-Jacques Brunel of The Stranglers, […]

Kick to Kill

Kick to Kill formed back in 2007 in Glasgow, Scotland. The Line-up of Dave Cook (Vocals / Guitar), Harris Hill (Synth), Lewis Macaulay (Drums / Vocals) and Ewen Shearer (Bass) produce a growling synth rock to delight the ears. Inevitably an introduction via the a record label with the name Flowers in the Dustbin would require my investigation. Although […]

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