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Fluorescent Hearts

Fluorescent Hearts from Glasgow is an alternative indie rock band made up of Chris Ashton (Guitar / Vocals), Andrew Stuart (Bass) and Gary G (Drums) who got together in 2011.

Fluorescent Hearts

Flourescent Hearts

On this occasion Glasgow shows its more emotional side in comparison with many of the bands reviewed from the City.

It is difficult to believe these guys have been playing together for only a year as the material brims with confidence and clarity of direction. Pulling together the vestiges of ’90s indie and wrapping it in to a textured layer, Fluorescent Hearts deliver a sound which at once resonates of big stage festival sounds, whilst the velvety warmth implicitly lies in a more intimate venue.

This is cleverly crafted music which demands a good understanding between the players as the intertwining of the instruments and vocal requires pinpoint timing, else it would drift off like a raft in a waterfall, Fluorescent Hearts stitch it all together nicely, delivering an out-put that is easy to enjoy, whilst of sufficientl texture to not lay in the dead space of ‘another one of those bands’. Their music has an International dimension to it, so expect to hear more of these guys wherever you are in the world.

They have a new release set to come out in September, their debut ten track LP – Anthem.


Tell Her You Love Her is available on Tell Her You Love Her - Single - Fluorescent Hearts*

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