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An Interview with Gordon Duthie

Back in June 2012 Gordon Duthie was introduced to the Indie Bands Blog and I recently had the opportunity to catch up with Gordon for an an interview to find out what he is up to now. In which we discuss the Oil Industry, a new release coming out - Multi-Media Monster and the death of record […]

Band of the week 22nd to to 28th July 2012

Indie Bands Blog Band of the week  top five chart for 22nd to to 28th July 2012. 1. Bottle Cap Rockets (USA) 2. Magic Trick (USA) The Glad Birth of Love is available on * 3. Wideboy Generation (England) No Time to Be Shy is available on * 4. Nolita View (England) 5. Gordon Duthie (Scotland) […]

Gordon Duthie

Gordon Duthie is a self-funded under the radar 21st Century indie folk singer songwriter from Aberdeen in Scotland. Thank you for indulging me over the past three days to reminisce over the never did happen fortieth birthday of my partner and the co-founder of Indie Bands Blog and Company Secretary for AIUK Julie Norbury and somehow this seems […]