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Park Planet

Park Planet an indie rock band from Glasgow and Edinburgh in Scotland is Gordon (Bass / Vocal), Graham (Guitar / Vocal) and Leon (Drums / Vocal).

Park Planet

Park Planet

I started the player and had to hit pause to get out the polish and shine the speakers to match clean lines of the material soaring their way in to the room. Hints of New Romantics influences peak over the bartizan as the flowing melodies wrap around the listener, they also use synths which adds to that overall mood.

A captivating combination of bass and percussion beat their way in to the head as the guitar and electronic kit buzzes away in the background with a dulcet vocal delivery entrancing the audience. There is a certain degree of retrospective sound here which is gold plated with some tip-top performances by the trio. It could all sound contrived, but it doesn’t. Park Planet contains enough creativity to keep the audience wanting to hear more. It is the way that the songs have been constructed, with the about face lower register at the fore of the sound that makes this such an engaging space for my ears.

I have a feeling that this is such a shiny sound that it may well fight against itself and find Park Planet between two stools for some considerable time, which would be a shame as this is decent indie music with something slightly new to offer up to fans of music.


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