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The Banter Thiefs

The Banter Thiefs is an indie rock band from Motherwell in Scotland. Back in 2007 the germ of an idea came to mind which expanded to the current line-up of David ClarkDerek WatsonKeith Condie and Darren O’Rourke.

Banter Thiefs

Banter Thiefs

Hit play – energy comes surging out of the speakers and this I enjoy – I wish I could say the same about the band name The Banter Thiefs , but you just knew I couldn’t let the spelling go past without commenting.

This is music as raw as an exposed nerve and serves as a delightful refraction of the reality of life in the ’10s as the quartet pour heart and soul in to the room and immediately sparks were flying before my eyes and the next thing, I was standing up trying to type. I have been pondering for a while about creating audio as opposed to typed reviews of bands and it is when I come across the likes of The Banter Thiefs, that this thoughts come flying back to me. Sitting whilst listening to the music just doesn’t make sense.

Resonating of all that I enjoy about discovering emerging bands these guys exude energy, enthusiasm and gritty reality, it is something of a surprise to find The Banter Thiefs don’t have the higher profile they deserve.


Swings and Roundabouts – Single – The Banter Thiefs is available on iTunes*.

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