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Universal Thee

Universal Thee is an indie folk rock band from Edinburgh in Scotland. The line-up addition has recently seen the band expand to the quintet of: James Russell (Guitar / Vocals); Lisa Russell (Vocals); Robin Spivey (Guitar); Sean MacDonald (Bass) and Kevin Haddow (Drums).

Universal Thee

Universal Thee

There is an easy underlying humorous tilt to the music which is delivered in the context of indie rock with a heavy steer towards Celtic folk. The addition of Lisa sees the band with a more powerful and rounder sound to the material. This is a style of music which has the potential to gain a far wider audience than the current home-base and it will be interesting to see how things develop over the coming months.

Whilst the sounds have a light-hearted catch, the underlying area of discourse is of a more serious weight and the combinations of instruments and voices play to the ear as a band which can be taken on face value or the brain be given a run-out with the depths of compositions on offer.

They have found an engaging furrow in which to lay their plough and have developed an extensive catalogue of written songs, though appear to have done little recording. Now that they have developed a fuller dimension to the direction of travel I look forward to this being corrected.

I am writing this review after having felt under the weather for the past week and this easy tilt sits perfectly in my ear today with a combination of rocky guitar, folksy float and catchy hooks.


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