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Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea originally from Australia is a hip-hop rap singer. There is something quite refreshing about the material Iggy Azalea launches on the world with a freshness and vitality that so-often fails to shine through the genre. There is an intriguing underlay of angst which is delivered with a confidence and sassyness that rents like a a […]

The Late Twos

The Late Twos is Matty Legge (Vocals), Ross Bickerstaff (Drums), David McMaster (Guitar / Vocals), Ryan Bennett (Lead Guitar) and Ryan Costley (Bass) an indie pop band  formed in 2011 in Belfast, Northern Ireland. An easy sound in which to become involved, The Late Twos have an underlying sense of rage as the drums relentlessly hammer out a rapid tempo and for […]

Winter Palace – Eponymous debut EP review

Winter Palace from Copenhagen in Denmark recently released their debut EP which emerged with the eponymous title. A four track EP which meanders across the Scandinavian landscape opening with Boys In The Park that contains twists of mangled bluegrass which are unfolded to release a vocal extravaganza on which the credibility of Winter Palace lays. No […]

Skimmed – Summer Lovers – LP review

As promised when I wrote about Skimmed in November 2012 here is the review of the thirteen track LP Summer Lovers – which was released on the 23rd February 2013. Opening with the familiar and signature sound is Ronnie an invitation in to the darkened sultry tease that is Skimmed. An evocative underlay and vocal […]

Band of the week top 5 chart 17th to 23rd February 2013

This week for w/e 23rd February 2013 the Indie bands blog band of the week top five chart finds bands from four countries. 1. Achromatic Attic (Croatia) 2. Good Morning Spider (Sweden) 3. The Blue Collars (England) 4. The Aprons (Israel) Sound Stains – The Aprons is available on iTunes*. 5. Governor’s Luck (England) Join […]

Jacob’s Mouse

Jacob’s Mouse was a three-piece alternative rock/punk band from Bury St Edmonds in Suffolk (England), made up of Hugo Boothby (guitar) Jebb Boothby (bass, also Hugo’s twin brother) and Sam Marsh (drums, vocals). Formed during the late 1980s, the trio released The Dot EP in 1990. A vinyl-only release which showcased the group’s interest in […]

Captain Dangerous

Captain Dangerous is an alternative indie band from Nottingham in England. The bands employs a plethora of instruments through the line-up of Adam Clarkson (guitar / vocals),  Miles Clark (guitar / trumpet / melodica / accordion / violin / vocals), Mark Houlgate (bass),  Jamie Elliott (drums / percussion) and Rob Rosa (Violin). Rather than sounding like a mash-up […]

The Analog Affair

The Analog Affair is the alternative electro-pop  duo of Evan Baker (Vocals / Lyrics) and Cody Moser (Arrangement / Composition) based in Washington D.C. in the USA. A gentleness melts out of the speakers as though spreading high cocoa content melted chocolate gloss, moreish but not sugar laden as the duo balance the interplay between vocal and […]

Good Morning Spider

Good Morning Spider is the solo musician Viktor Rinneby from Malmö in Sweden producing his lo-fi psychedelia. You may recall the name Rinneby from Turn Off Your Television, Viktor is Jon’ brother. With a muted hush a fuzzed fusion of inter-weaving sounds emerge from the speakers and caress the ears with an entrancing wave of transience that […]

The Aprons

The Aprons is the atmospheric indie duo of Hava Cohen (Drums / Piano /Vocals) and Talia Peri (Bass / Piano / Vocals) from Tel-Aviv in Israel. The gentle gossamer threads of sound that are the signature of the duo are as strong as a Spiders Web as the strands are spun around the room in gentle flickers […]

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