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Reveries is the alt-indie quintet of Gabriel Petterson (lead guitar), Alice Axinder (vocals), Noa Åkesson (vocals/guitar), Konrad Annerud (drums) and Martin Gabrielson (bass) from Linköping in Sweden. This is the second band I have reviewed from the 104 000 strong city of Linköping and I look forward to being able to introduce everyone in due course… Unmistakably Scandinavian the music floats across […]

Good Morning Spider

Good Morning Spider is the solo musician Viktor Rinneby from Malmö in Sweden producing his lo-fi psychedelia. You may recall the name Rinneby from Turn Off Your Television, Viktor is Jon’ brother. With a muted hush a fuzzed fusion of inter-weaving sounds emerge from the speakers and caress the ears with an entrancing wave of transience that […]

Amber Oak

Amber Oak is the Indie Pop band from Skellefteå in Sweden comprising - Jonathan Eriksson (Vocals), Alexander Hofverberg (Bass), Josef Dahlberg (Guitar / Backup Vocals) and Erik Ekersund (Drums / Percussion). I couldn’t help but feel better about the day when I hit the play button as the quartet, who have undergone a shift in line-up deliver a set of […]


From Linköping in Sweden we find Gus Ring (guitars / vocals), Anders Persson (drums / percussion) and Jacob Häggberg (bass / backing vocals) who make up the alternative indie band Soundmeds. On hitting play your ears will immediately recognize the open spaces and melodic influences must be from Scandinavia. Once again we find a band exploring isolation and vastness with visual creativity through […]

Ctrl the Mob – Sex Faith Love Hate – video only

From Hudiksvall in Sweden and centred around the father and son duo of  John and Michael Jericho  and T.C. emerges the indie band Ctrl the Mob. With a new video released – Sex Faith Love Hate these guys have an interesting sound of which I would like to hear more. website The eponymous EP is available on * Join the […]


Firstborn comprises of Marcus Carlzon, Joachim Ragnarsson, Max Pontén and Aron Bergström. What is certain is that the Boras (Sweden) based band know their sound. The metal that seems to be coming out of Europe at the moment is certainly recognisable; a much more clean and polished finish than what you would traditionally call metal. I […]

Karin Park

Karin Park hails from Djura in Sweden. Now based in the UK, she continues to mesmerise with the electro-house beats that wrap around the head. On live performances you will find Karin appearing with David Park. Living in Churches – Karin comes from a 400 population village inside a religious family – it does remind me of […]


Radjoteatern from Stockholm in Sweden is the electronic-indie duo of Pontus Englund and Pentti Lindén who started the band back in 2010. There is always a frisson of excitement when material arrives from Sweden, a hot-bed of some of the most avant-garde and engaging music from around the world. Radjoteatern do not let the expectations down. This music seems […]

Revl9n LP review Walking Down The Heat

Revl9n, the Swedish Alternative indie band has just released their new LP Walking Down The Heat. The ten track album opens with Night Vision a reverberation of guitar trampolines against the vocal which is so reminiscent of Feargal Sharkey as to be uncanny. I thought I was listening to Jimmy Boy, but I found myself moved away from Ulster to wide open fjords. When Mercury Hits […]

The Happy Hippo Family

The Happy Hippo Family is a seven piece indie pop band from Örebro in Sweden, comprising –  Björn Fhager (Drums), Carl Viman (Guitar), Rickard Andersson (Guitar / Vocals), Daniel Fagerudd (Synth), Timmy Bjärnebro (Bass / Vocals), Martin Qvarfordt (Vocals) and Marcus Gustafsson (Percussion) and that isn’t easy to get on stage. Lemon soufflé comes to mind as I listen to The Happy Hippo […]