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Captain Dangerous

Captain Dangerous is an alternative indie band from Nottingham in England. The bands employs a plethora of instruments through the line-up of Adam Clarkson (guitar / vocals),  Miles Clark (guitar / trumpet / melodica / accordion / violin / vocals), Mark Houlgate (bass),  Jamie Elliott (drums / percussion) and Rob Rosa (Violin).

Captain Dangerous

Captain Dangerous

Rather than sounding like a mash-up of bits and bobs, Captain Dangerous deliver something that reminds of a sparking English wine. The dry humour and style can only emanate from a band rooted in the UK and whilst it is peculiarly British, there is plenty here for the music to gain a much broader audience with the same sardonic wit as Cosmo Jarvis.

It would be very easy for the band to concentrate on the instrumentation with the range of instruments which gives Captain Dangerous considerable flexibility, but despite the multifarious strings on offer, the delight of the band is the lyric and it is the juxtaposition of the wordsmithing alongside – in particular the use of classical violin that – just had me bathed in a huge smile.

Taking subject lines that are so typically ‘disgusted of Tunbridge Wells’ and ripping them to shreds in that self-effacing manner which is characteristic and considering we are verging on me heading in to a political rant, it just isn’t possible with this quintet playing in my ear. If you wondered what happened to warm beer, Cricket on the Green and Cucumber Sandwiches then Captain Dangerous are the 21st Century response.

A delightful out-fit and these are masters at the art of song-composition. I tilt my hat to to their ability to get the tracks right pretty well every-time as the selected instruments fit like a bespoke suit to the mood of the song.


The Empire Never Ended – Captain Dangerous is available on iTunes*

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