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Good Morning Spider

Good Morning Spider is the solo musician Viktor Rinneby from Malmö in Sweden producing his lo-fi psychedelia.

Good Morning Spider

Good Morning Spider

You may recall the name Rinneby from Turn Off Your Television, Viktor is Jon’ brother. With a muted hush a fuzzed fusion of inter-weaving sounds emerge from the speakers and caress the ears with an entrancing wave of transience that has reminders of US West Coast garage melded within wafts of Indian influences creating something that rests the mind as the listener is taken on a floating journey of discovery.

At the start of a career in the industry, Good Morning Spider has a debut EP A Peg In The Hole which indicates this sound is not a one trick wonder, as the EP delivers a packet of sounds that whilst recognizable, are of sufficiently different textures that the planned release an LP set for release later in 2013 doesn’t seem anything other than a good idea and I will have some joss-sticks on order for the occasion.

Whilst easy on the ears, the music has enough layers to warrant close attention and allow the brain to flow on the path being laid down, where time will stand still as the music flips switches inside the head as the rolling gentle cymbals and percussion massage the senses. It will be interesting to hear how this project develops for Viktor and I look forward to hearing more in due course.


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