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Skimmed – Summer Lovers – LP review

As promised when I wrote about Skimmed in November 2012 here is the review of the thirteen track LP Summer Lovers – which was released on the 23rd February 2013.

Skimmed - Summer Lovers

Skimmed – Summer Lovers

Opening with the familiar and signature sound is Ronnie an invitation in to the darkened sultry tease that is Skimmed. An evocative underlay and vocal has the listener reaching for a glass of wine and some candles to relax in comfort for what is set to be a flirtatious ride of emotional context.

Retaining the mood with Fire In The Disco which has a retro-feel with a meltingly engaging bass plays as the focal point around which the smoke filled four minutes.

Flowing on with the title track which is an achingly mournful register which reflects of the shallow nature of holiday romance. The production values of the release are exemplified between the live recording below and the release version which floats at a far more atmospheric lower register.

Tiger Tiger lifts the tempo with a skipping beat that rattles around the head, with a highly effective melody that keeps the song in tune with the sentiments of Summer Lovers.

Sunday Drive follows with the synth leading the way once again and as one of the shorter tracks at just over three minutes the ears are drawn to references of Blondie influences.

The Stripper is as sleazy as the title suggests a stunning composition that for me is the value added to the whole LP. Flayed open guitars are accompanied by sliding electronics with a panic riven vocal anxiety that encapsulates the whole discordance of the themes of the release.

Marking the half-way point the ears are intoxicated by Fingernails – instruments are detuned to create that sense of nails tearing inside the mind exposing vulnerable nerve endings. A subtle and intoxicating piece of work.

Ghost In The Mirror for all its title may lead you to believe has a whistling lilt to it that raises tapping feet to accompany the weaving strings. A clever track as whilst up-tempo it has an ethereal atmospheric running throughout the 3:50.

God Will Take A Note is another rocking number with dampened guitars that plays nicely against the preceding track as the mind suddenly shifts to the stark from the atmospheric.

Freak Show is another track that barely breaks the three minute mark yet it contains enough textures and paints to have held on for another three minutes. A track I particularly enjoy for its energy and as a prime example of how not to become self indulgent as although Skimmed have packed up their bags, gone home and had a shower the brain is just wanting this to carry on for longer.

Summer Lovers is an LP that gets the stronger the longer it progresses and you just can’t wait to play it all again – Devil’s Alibi contains a stomping guitar note that is more normally associated with a rock-a-billy double bass, whilst Skimmed wrap it in textures of ectoplasm.

Isobel is a haunting sombre switch back to the opening tracks which are focussed on lyrical concepts and even if you didn’t know this was the penultimate track of the release you would get the sense that this is winding up to the finale….

Which we find with Dream Girl a sense of hope and fortune to follow is the concluding recollection – a clever place to end as this already sets an arrow towards Skimmed having much more to deliver to audiences across the world.

With that – I am hitting play once again….

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