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The Aprons

The Aprons is the atmospheric indie duo of Hava Cohen (Drums / Piano /Vocals) and Talia Peri (Bass / Piano / Vocals) from Tel-Aviv in Israel.

The Aprons

The Aprons

The gentle gossamer threads of sound that are the signature of the duo are as strong as a Spiders Web as the strands are spun around the room in gentle flickers and the listener sits like an insect caught in the web, transfixed and increasingly aware of the powerful nature of that hold. With minimalist instrumentation The Aprons is able to deliver music which contains depth and texture in which the mind is gently drawn and held fast.

I was feeling particularly uninspired by the introductions I was working through in the inbox and immediately on hitting play there was no doubt, here is something with that added ingredient that raises a musical ensemble from the mundane to the magical, the fact that it is done with such fine threads is even more intoxicating so it is with some pleasure that I find myself introducing The Aprons to the Indie Bands Blog.

The echoing balances of the sound are further layered with the two vocalists and the duo maintain a constant sense of purpose and direction to the music that makes the brain want to stay on the journey of discovery. Pianoforte is an inspired selection of keynote instrument as it adds a misty and haunting soundtrack around which the scores are built.

I certainly look forward to hearing how these two further develop The Aprons which is now a two and half year old project as they have much creatively to add to the world of music.

Sound Stains – The Aprons is available on iTunes*

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