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The Seven Deadly Sins EP review Misery Lake

The Seven Deadly Sins from Edinburgh in Scotland release their burgeoning  alternative rock 4 track EP Misery Lake on 5th June 2012. Opening with An Accident Waiting To Happen (Awoo Woo Woo) a rock-a-billy number rings out of the speakers and this is what got me in to The Seven Deadly Sins. For me could have been […]

Voilet Bones

Violet Bones is an post-new wave indie band from Cambridge in England. The hard touring quartet of Si Dartford (Vocals / Guitar), Rik Hudson (Guitar), Oz Sim (Drums) and Stuart Gill (Bass) have also found time to release their debut LP Decline Of Vaudeville and a new single Chemicals. There can be no doubt I have found a further addition […]

School Knights

School Knights is an indie-pop band from Boulder in the USA, vocally I am reminded of The Buzzcocks, no lets rephrase that - Ben Donehower, Morris Kolontyrsky, Zack Roif and Michael Stein – hark of The Buzzcocks. School Knights possess the ability to merge poignancy with a light-hearted tune that entices the listener to draw closer to the lyric before they bite […]

The Dull Blades

The Dull Blades a lo-fi garage rock band from Melbourne in the USA, formed in 2010, comprises Nik Talbot (Vocals / Guitar) and Anthony Fata ( Drums / Organ). I feel some kind of deja-vu going on here. I just typed the review, published yesterday, on Rdjoeteatern who are also a duo formed in 2010, who release a debut album […]

Ali Young

Ali Young is an alternative indie-pop singer songwriter from Los Angeles in the USA with a new EP Love Animal released in May 2012 to shout about. This is music for a night of soft BDSM as the music sheers around like a David Lynch sound-track. Not only did Ali suggest that  as a reference […]


Radjoteatern from Stockholm in Sweden is the electronic-indie duo of Pontus Englund and Pentti Lindén who started the band back in 2010. There is always a frisson of excitement when material arrives from Sweden, a hot-bed of some of the most avant-garde and engaging music from around the world. Radjoteatern do not let the expectations down. This music seems […]

Rake Wickman

Rake Wickman originally from Greenland, but mainly influenced by the Faroe Islands, though now to be found traversing both sides of the Atlantic is a solo artist who reflects the world of ambient-rock from an affinity with the sea. The ambient experimental sounds that Rake develops can’t help but draw even the most ardent land-lubber to an integration with […]

Band of the week 20th to 26th May 2012 Top 5 chart

The Top five chart for w/e 26th May is European centric this week, with bands from England, The Ukraine and Switzerland. 1. Colaars (Ukraine) 2. Palace (England) 3. Domi Chansorn (Switrzerland) 4. The Redundants (England) 5. The Manic Shine (England) Woman is available on * Join the indie bands blog on twitter for more indie […]

The Fireline

The Fireline from Sheffield in the UK is a a three piece indie-pop band made up of Martin Howard (Vocals / Guitar), Louis Whittaker (Vocals / Guitar) and Luke Walsh (Drums) If you read the members too quickly you may be hit by Louis Walsh, but I am delighted to say we are way away from plastic tat and with a decent sounding energetic band. This reminds me […]

Don’t Feed The Robot – Break the Cycle review

Don’t Feed The Robot, the indie pop band from London has just released their eleven track LP Break the Cycle. Opening with the familiar Miles, which is an engaging introduction. The warmth of the material creates a layer of smoke in which to enjoy what is to follow as the band lay-out their electro riven […]

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