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Rake Wickman

Rake Wickman originally from Greenland, but mainly influenced by the Faroe Islands, though now to be found traversing both sides of the Atlantic is a solo artist who reflects the world of ambient-rock from an affinity with the sea.

Rake Wickman

Rake Wickman

The ambient experimental sounds that Rake develops can’t help but draw even the most ardent land-lubber to an integration with the power and mystery of the oceans.

The electronic haze shrouds the listener behind a falling wave before a perilous crest then once again crashing behind the surge before facing yet another wall of sound. The powerful composition takes the listener on a ride of intrigue, not to be feared, yet to be respected.

The feeling of isolation as the music scours across the room instigates powerful images and self appraisal. Rake Wickman leaves it to the audience whether to freeze or embrace the powerful forces at play, encapsulating with intimacy the awe inspiring feeling of a night far out at sea on the helm of a small craft.

Emerging in the dawns light the head feel invigorated and alive to face, with confidence, new challenges.


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