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The Fireline

The Fireline from Sheffield in the UK is a a three piece indie-pop band made up of Martin Howard (Vocals / Guitar), Louis Whittaker (Vocals / Guitar) and Luke Walsh (Drums)

The Fireline

The Fireline

If you read the members too quickly you may be hit by Louis Walsh, but I am delighted to say we are way away from plastic tat and with a decent sounding energetic band. This reminds me of Joy Division, with as regular readers will know, can only fill my heart with a smile. The superb vocal is an absolute delight in which to allow to the ears to rove. The accompanying music slides neatly in to the room filling the head with a warming sensibility in which to wallow a while.

The trio are able to inveigle the head with a sense of calmness, whilst delivering a sonic storm of emotional riven angst. There is at present limited material in which I have been able to revel and look forward to hearing more of The Fireline, hopefully in short order.


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3 Responses to “The Fireline”
  1. James says:

    Good tunes!!!

    • Tim says:

      Thanks James – appreciate the feedback. I also like these guys, particularly the plaintiff vocal – sounds so out there somehow.


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