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The Dull Blades

The Dull Blades a lo-fi garage rock band from Melbourne in the USA, formed in 2010, comprises Nik Talbot (Vocals / Guitar) and Anthony Fata ( Drums / Organ). I feel some kind of deja-vu going on here. I just typed the review, published yesterday, on Rdjoeteatern who are also a duo formed in 2010, who release a debut album in 2012 in this instance Less Production More Seduction but there the similarities end and the out-put could hardly be more different.

The Dull Blades

The Dull Blades

There is always a pleasure to be found coming home to where my heart lies musically. Recollections of The Ramones and The Stooges come wandering out of the speakers. In fact I am having some work done on the ceiling and the guy doing the job had to come out to take a listen to this.

Melbourne, yes this one really is in the USA and not a geographic typo. As would be expected for lo-fi The Dull Blades hark from Florida, which has become the natural home for lo-fi rock. The sounds are not overly fuzzed which enables the material to make a sharp indentation on the head as the duo gather the sounds together before dealing them out of the speakers with a confident turn of the wrist, scoring a full-house.


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