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Radjoteatern from Stockholm in Sweden is the electronic-indie duo of Pontus Englund and Pentti Lindén who started the band back in 2010.



There is always a frisson of excitement when material arrives from Sweden, a hot-bed of some of the most avant-garde and engaging music from around the world. Radjoteatern do not let the expectations down. This music seems to be have hewn from blue ice it is so fresh and clear. I just can’t but help be drawn to comparisons of glacial splendour, not that the music is cold, but that it possesses such clarity and sense of vastness.

Spinning around the higher octave ranges, the band deftly create an engaging dance tempo that catches the hip forcing an involuntary need to get on to the floor and loose the mind and body in the experience.

Drawing on a range of influences, the duo are able to re-energize souks and acoustics with hypnotic synths leaving the listener in a state of trance, hanging on the next track.

With a new album scheduled for release this year, following up the debut single Cumin, which was released on 20th January 2012. Rdjoteatern can be found playing gigs around Sweden.


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