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Voting – Band of the Month September 2009

The first top 20 chart for the band of the month on the indie bands blog is in the final stages. We now just need your votes to create the chart. To vote for a band, you can use the contact me form with the name of the band you are voting for, or leave […]

Rear View

Rear View based in Ontario, Canada formed originally when Bryan Kish (Bass, Vocals) and Bob Glassford (Guitar, Vocals) got together after finding they had similar musical tastes started to practice, it wasn’t until they met up with Jeremy Cole (Drums) that the trio found their furrow. After a few band name changes they ended up […]

Jon and Lynn

Jon and Lynn, from New York, comprising Jon Burr (bass) and Lynn Stein (vocals) got together in June 2009 after first meeting over a decade earlier. In the interim John Burr already an established Jazz Bass player at that time, continued to develop his profile and skill, whilst Lynn a talented artist established a successful […]

Gary War

Gary War, based in New York, is a creative musician, who plays the overlayed instruments and provides vocals on the albums and like many artists of this style, is not forthcoming on providing much information, relying on the output to reflect what they are about. The electronic buzz which resonates through the music, with heavily […]

Indie band of the week 26th September 2009

After a close fought competition the indie bands blog band of the week for w/e 26th September is Negro Fluo. Band of the week: Top 10. Saturday 26th September 2009. 1. Negro Fluo – Argentina 2. The Drums – USA 3. The Five One – USA 4. The Swing Movement – UK 5. Vaqueros Paganos […]

Juliet Gough

Someone completely different on the indie bands blog, Juliet Gough, who has strong Danish and English roots and the influences of Midwest America and the evocative nature of Scandinavian mythology. This combination makes for a refreshing musical style which reveals more depth and complexity on second and third listening. This doesn’t mean the music is […]

Triple Smash

Triple Smash are an instrumental rock band, formed about a year ago after Li Xin (Guitar), who had just left the Mushrooms, met up with Jiang Ruo-ho (Bass) and decided to work together, very soon joined by Dan Cao (Drums). Their common interests and musical tastes, led to the formation of the band and they […]

The Swing Movement

More well known for ‘On Ilkla Moor Baht ‘at’ than The Swing Movement, Ilkley – in Yorkshire is the backdrop for a group of talented musicians, who got together some five years ago and have since developed a pretty distinctive sound. Much more than yet another brit-pop indie band, The Swing Movement combine clever instrumentation […]

Twiggy Frostbite

If I try to pin down what I like about Twiggy Frostbite, I can’t tell you. The five piece band based in Gävle – Sweden, who combine complex instrumentation with clear and sharp vocals, just resonate as an outfit I would like to hear more from. The initial idea for the band came about when […]


Joyside from Beijing, have been around since 2001 and are as stark a contrast to most bands in China as were punk bands in 1977. They sound of this era: creating high energy songs,  driven by guitar and drums. Joyside image courtesy of Bian Yuan (Vocals); Liu Hao (Bass) Xiao Hong (Guitar) and Guan […]

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