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The Swing Movement

More well known for ‘On Ilkla Moor Baht ‘at’ than The Swing Movement, Ilkley – in Yorkshire is the backdrop for a group of talented musicians, who got together some five years ago and have since developed a pretty distinctive sound. Much more than yet another brit-pop indie band, The Swing Movement combine clever instrumentation with driving drums and strong bass lines, over cut with the distinctive voice of Ben Walker.

The Swing Movement

The Swing Movement

I can relate to the formation of the band, a group of about 20 people got together with a few instruments and out of the chaos. four musicians – Ben Walker (Guitar and Vocals), Patrick Wanzala-Ryan (Guitar) , Joe Gamble (Bass) and Kieran Borrett (Drums) emerged to form The Swing Movement.

11 Jigsaw by TheSwingMovement

Thanks to Patrick for taking time out from the continual practices the band still works on and I hope they soon manage to get touring to a wider audience across more of the UK. They certainly deserve it and hopefully can change the flagship of Ilkley from a folk song, to an energetic and enthusiastic group of talented 21st Century musicians.

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