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Jon and Lynn

Jon and Lynn, from New York, comprising Jon Burr (bass) and Lynn Stein (vocals) got together in June 2009 after first meeting over a decade earlier. In the interim John Burr already an established Jazz Bass player at that time, continued to develop his profile and skill, whilst Lynn a talented artist established a successful career as an artist and curator.

Jon and Lynn

Jon and Lynn

While a jazz bass player and a vocalist may not make immediate sense on the indie bands blog,  at least watching the video before dismissing this as yet another one of my eccentricities.

Yes, I am a sucker for a strong Bass line and having had a Cockatoo myself, how could I not take an interest. The clarity and striking clean sound of the combination of voice and bass with nothing to cover any weaknesses, demonstrates the strength of the this duo making them absolutely deserving of a place on the indie bands blog.

The depth of the music explored by Jon and Lynn, would comfortably keep an orchestra with plenty to do, the fact that they take these tunes to the absolute bare minimum and make such a powerful impact, is a testament to both the vocal skills of Lynn and the bass playing of Jon. I look forward to seeing how this concept duo fair over the longer term.

‘Never my love’ featuring Farrar the cockatoo.


I may be an old punk rocker, but I appreciate strong musicianship, which Jon and Lynn demonstrate in spades.

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24 Responses to “Jon and Lynn”
  1. Tim says:

    Vote collected and counted Jon. Have a great one

  2. Jon Burr says:

    Wow! We weren’t aware of Magoni and Spinetti, and we are greatly encouraged to see the degree of success that they’ve been able to attain with this format! That’s very encouraging… they’re signed to Blue Note Italy, a major label (not indie anymore!)

    and, they sound terrific.

    Meanwhile, I’m going to cast my vote (again) for Jon and Lynn… (the “Unsigned!”)

  3. Kathleen Gorman says:

    Jon and Lynn get my vote for BAND OF THE MONTH.

    This is a truly unique duo with amazing creativity and artistry.
    Their music proves that there is brilliance in simplicity, and in the purity of two powerful sonic forces of vocals and acoustic bass.
    Their video is delightful and uplifting, and I look forward to hearing more from this talented and impressive duo.

    Kathleen Gorman

    • Tim says:

      It is always a subjective area music. The distinct difference between Magoni and Spinetti is the way that the Bass is played, one with bow, one with finger, which makes for a completely different sound and output.

      As a music fan, it is always interesting to see how different combinations work. Thanks for linking to Magoni and Spinetti, I have sent you an email asking for some more information.

      È sempre una musica di area soggettiva. La differenza distinta tra Magoni e Spinetti è la maniera che il Basso è giocato, un con l’arco, un col dito, che fa per un suono completamente diversi e per l’uscita.

      Come un ventilatore di musica, interessa sempre per vedere come le combinazioni diverse lavorano. I ringraziamenti per collegare a Magoni e Spinetti, l’ho inviata un’email chiedendo alcune più informazioni.

  4. Hope it’s not too late to vote for Jon & Lynn as Indie Band of the Month!

  5. Jennifer says:

    Band of the Month!

  6. Nick says:

    Absolutely wonderful!

  7. lynn stein says:

    Dear Tim, Thank you . We’ll have to talk cockatoo sometime….

    I like us ; )!!

    lynn ( of Jon and Lynn )

  8. Kathleen Gorman says:

    Band of the month !

  9. Jon Burr says:

    Hey Tim, can I vote for myself?

  10. alma groskinsky says:

    This is truly unique the voice voice and the bass
    are so compatible and engaging Bravo…

  11. D.J. Sweeney says:

    The bass is the sexiest of instruments. You are both so delightfully playful and talented. You have my vote.

  12. Best current new indie band.

  13. James says:

    Unique rendition of a classic! I loved it!

  14. Tim says:

    Thanks for taking time out to commetn Carolyn. It is a well structured video

  15. I love this video: the expressive vocalizing of the lyrics, the amazing, melodic bass, the fantastic artwork, and their sweet friendship. That’s so witty when he pretends to “play her” like a bass. Just loved it!


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