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Rear View

Rear View based in Ontario, Canada formed originally when Bryan Kish (Bass, Vocals) and Bob Glassford (Guitar, Vocals) got together after finding they had similar musical tastes started to practice, it wasn’t until they met up with Jeremy Cole (Drums) that the trio found their furrow.

Rear View

Rear View

After a few band name changes they ended up with the name Rear View and have created a cheerful high speed rock style, which is driven forward by fast paced drumming.

While undoubtedly heavily influenced by bands such as Green Flag, they succeed in not becoming a parody, by creating originality within a crowded genre. Their musical talent and creativity comes through, whilst maintaining high tempo, high energy music. Clever interplay between bass and guitar takes Rear View above the mediocre, with the unceasing double time drumming never far from the surface.


To see them live you will currently have to travel to Canada, where they have established a loyal fan base. Be good to see Rear View break out of their native geographic area.

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