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Weepikes is a psychedelic rock band from Helsinki in Finland. After a 13 year break – back in 2010 Pasi Peni (Vocals / guitar), Jyrki Lehto (Guitar) and Tomi Nuotio (Bass) decided to get back together. To replace the original drummer Timmo Ravea - Ari Reiska Lehtinen joined the line-up. There are shreds of Lou Reed and Hawkwind, but it […]

Mono Stereo

Back in 2006, Mono Stereo from Sweden formed when brothers Jakub (drums and vocals) and Geggan (vocals and rhythm guitar) got together with Kjelle (lead guitar) and Gunnar (bass), bringing together elements of bands such as the Kinks from the ’60s and Stone Roses from the ’90s. Skillful use of the guitars adds a resonance […]

Twiggy Frostbite

If I try to pin down what I like about Twiggy Frostbite, I can’t tell you. The five piece band based in Gävle – Sweden, who combine complex instrumentation with clear and sharp vocals, just resonate as an outfit I would like to hear more from. The initial idea for the band came about when […]