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Gary War

Gary War, based in New York, is a creative musician, who plays the overlayed instruments and provides vocals on the albums and like many artists of this style, is not forthcoming on providing much information, relying on the output to reflect what they are about.

The electronic buzz which resonates through the music, with heavily textured vocal generates  superb Sci-fi indie (is that a real genre? – well it is now). Gary War creates an unmistakable sound, that appears immediately familiar, but is completely fresh and new.

Gary War courtesy SHDWPLY records myspace

Gary War courtesy SHDWPLY records myspace

The extensive use of synths are reminiscent of ’80s new wave bands, this combines with complex mixing which has the feel of underground sci-fi films and psychedelic rock of the late ’70s. By combining these elements Gary War creates something new and compelling.

I am reminded of so many bands when listening to this music, yet it is none of them. Hawkwind, Kraftwerk and that Synth could be any of the new romantics.

Gary War does so much more with the music as the tracks weave through what on the face of it, seems to be an unstructured course. This seeming crash course is a disaster when attempted by many. War, however pulls it all out of the bag, creating a sound which when it hits your ears has an order and sense about it and music which is great to write about on the indie bands blog.


The Gary War album – Horribles Parade is well worth a listen Gary War - Horribles Parade.*

Keep tuned to indie bands blog for more creative emerging indie bands from around the world. For more on Gary War.

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