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Indie Band of the week 3rd October 2009

Topping the top 10 chart for the indie bands blog,  band of the week for w/e 3rd October is Jon and Lynn. Band of the week: Top 10. Saturday 3rd October 2009. Jon and Lynn US (New entry) Juliet Gough Denmark (new entry) The Drums US (-1 place) Vaqueros Paganos Argentina (+1 place) Negro Fluo […]

Indie band of the week 26th September 2009

After a close fought competition the indie bands blog band of the week for w/e 26th September is Negro Fluo. Band of the week: Top 10. Saturday 26th September 2009. 1. Negro Fluo – Argentina 2. The Drums – USA 3. The Five One – USA 4. The Swing Movement – UK 5. Vaqueros Paganos […]

The Five One

The Five One from Washington, USA are influenced by a wide range of styles, including Bob Marley, The Beatles and The White Stripes and see their music not just as an expression, but a lifestyle. Choosing to subsume their personal identities, the band members Red, Blue, Green, Gold express themselves through these colours. Driven by […]