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The Morning Clouds

The Morning Clouds from Arvada in the USA comprises Josh Wambeke (Vocal / Guitar), Lanette Walker (Organ / Synths), Matt Schild (Bass), John Fate (Drums) and Spencer Alred (Guitar). There is a story behind how this shoegaze out-fit centred around Wambeke came in to existence, but to centre on that story is to miss a sublime experience.

The Morning Clouds

The Morning Clouds

The Morning Clouds perfectly explain the concept of shoegaze. Reflecting back in mirror perfect polish, as only a military spit and polish bulling session can extrapolate just prior to heading off on guard duty, so we find the band. The finesse of reverb is honed to a sharp crease and each note bounces in perfect syncopation. Some may call it obsessive attention to detail, I call it a well worth the time.

I do wonder if shoegaze ever tilts a head enough to Factory Records and trail-blazing direction set by Tony Wilson and Alan Erasmus encapsulated by Joy Division. This a draft of music which combines the best of lo-fi with high detail and if you are new to the genre, take  a moment to check out some of the bands who have featured on the indie bands blog.

The muted intonations add further to the mood and the ears are treated to a virtuoso performance of timing and reflection, this sits as it sounds, in the stratosphere of classic contemporary rock. Once again the highly tuned ears of Banter Media has found a space which resonates with a musical philistine.

There is a perception here in the UK that Americans don’t understand irony, I have yet to see a video release which is more expressive of the concept.

The Morning Clouds – A Walk Home from Richard Karpala on Vimeo.


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