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Blonde Summer

Blonde Summer is Chris Pope (vocals / guitar), Matt Reid (guitar), Chris Livingstone (bass) and Stephen Kurshner (drums) from Los Angeles in the USA , who produce lo-fi surf pop to match the band name.

Blonde Summer

Blonde Summer

There is a sound that emerges from the speakers that can’t be mistaken other than arising from Los Angeles and it is of no surprise to find this is another introduction from Banter Media. Lazy hazy post college days ripple through the day, a life of uncertainty but unbridled optimism as the material lays-out in the warming summer sunshine.

Neatly packaged with shimmering gauze the lyrical content is strong and the musicians are able to serve up a decent sounding tune. As we head towards autumn here in the UK, this will retain memories of those few balmy sunny days we had in the summer of 2012. The slight delay to the guitar creates a truly engaging sound as it sits behind a fuzzed production, all of which adds to the atmospherics of the out-put.

Once again, through minimal production, a powerful subtly is added to the effect, delivering far more than would be achieved by hours at mixing and production desks.

Blonde Summer will certainly be added to my ‘summer gauze’ play-list and it is good to know the band has some legs as the initial introduction, I confess, was made nearly two years ago.


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