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The six piece alternative indie band from Los Angeles in the USA, Races, came about from the disillusionment of Wade Ryff (Guitar / vocals)  who got together with Garth Herberg (Guitar),  Devon Lee (Vocals / Percussion),  Breanna Wood (Piano / vocals) Oliver Hild  (Bass / Moog) and Lucas Ventura (Drums / Percussion) and they set out to purvey their take on how music should sound. […]


Sleeves is an ambient folk band from Boston in the USA. Back in 2010 Callum Plews formed the band and with the additions of Kim R. Schulke, Justice R. Hill, and Tabitha Wertheim the band came in to fruition. I took a listen an immediately was absorbed by a sound that was completely different to the space […]

Gabrielle Wortman

Gabrielle Wortman is a singer / songwriter from the USA. Originally raised in Connecticut, subsequently moving to New York and now residing in Los Angeles. The classically trained pianist, who is also a dab hand on guitar –  ploughs a line I think can best be summed up as - alternative-pop. Gabrielle Wortman is already developing a […]

The Morning Clouds

The Morning Clouds from Arvada in the USA comprises Josh Wambeke (Vocal / Guitar), Lanette Walker (Organ / Synths), Matt Schild (Bass), John Fate (Drums) and Spencer Alred (Guitar). There is a story behind how this shoegaze out-fit centred around Wambeke came in to existence, but to centre on that story is to miss a sublime experience. The Morning Clouds perfectly explain […]