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Karen Incognito

At long last in 2011 I have made it to Australasia and introduce Karen Incognito. Currrently exploring her musical space, Karen draws on experience and emotion to develop her sound. Recording  with a Blue Yeti microphone, midi keyboard, and pop filter and an occasional trip to a Studio. Karen explores a space she wants to fill with her heartfelt creativity and in her minds eye has a clear connection to her current out-put and her ambitions.

Karen Incognito

Karen Incognito

I selected from the choice of photographs I had of Karen Incognito as I think this exemplifies her vulnerability, a young musician with a clear goal, a strong sense of composition, who has a choice – hide at home or try it out. Precisely right for the Indie Bands Blog.

While I have been listening to her tracks for a month or so, it was this release, which she only wrote yesterday, which had me reaching for the keyboard.

Just over a minute of a capella

Boy Who Cried Wolf [a capella preview] by Karen Incognito

As readers of the blog will know, this doesn’t fit my ear at all, but the sheer balls of writing the song one day then a home mix for release the following day, makes Karen Incognito someone who I am delighted to write about.

I have no videos, in fact I have very little to add, but musicians like Karen deserve the space and time. It is thanks to people like Karen Incognito, that the indie bands blog exists.

Risque Business by Karen Incognito

Move to the Music by Karen Incognito

Thanks Karen for being out there and delving. Currently developing her song writing skills, Karen will soon be on the trail I am sure, as she develops her profile and finds a band to fill the sound.
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