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Abby Gogo

Abby Gogo from Atlanta in the USA is a three piece shoegaze out-fit made up of Bon Allinson (Vocals / Guitar), Jon Allinson (Vocal / Guitar) and Puma Navarro (Drums).

Abby Gogo

Abby Gogo

Doing precisely what it says on the tin, Abby Gogo deliver some incredibly well crafted shoegaze for the edification of listeners. Two years ago I received an email from Banter Media to introduce the band, in the intervening period, other than gain confidence and more depth to the tracks, the band remain sounding as distinctive as they did then. Shoegaze when played well, is a space in which to embrace rather than fight like a pair of boots sunk in to mud. The delightful clouds of fuzzed, faded and echoed guitar glides its way in to the room taking all with it in a bustle of obscurity.

These are superbly written and created tracks that keep the ears enthralled and the mind pulsing with shimmers of sound. Abby Gogo create some well balanced original sounds that demand consideration which force their way in to the brain as the instruments generously support the eerie floating guitar eminences.

Don’t wait two years to get to grips with these guys.


Their eponymous LP is available on Abby Gogo - Abby Go-Go*

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