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Sleepy Sun

Sleepy Sun from San Francisco in the USA are a psychedelic rock band which includes - Benjamin Brown, Peter Brown, Louis Brown, Edward Brown, Donald Brown and DJ Tanner on the roster, whose first recording was back in 2008.

Sleepy Sun

Sleepy Sun

Sometimes you just know when you hear a band it is something special and Sleepy Sun are of that ilk. Harking back to the ’60s festival bands they reverberate as relevantly in the second decade of the 21st Century. They permit themselves the unhurried confidence to allow tracks to blossom in the listeners ears, that may take a mere three minutes, but if they feel more time is necessary then the time-scale will open up, yet to the audience, floating in the soothing smoke, time becomes an irrelevance.

An array of echoes penetrate the head as the band gently exhale an ever more intoxicating plume in which the hypnotic entrancing feedback of guitar is given wider loops in which to explore,  framed by a low hum of bass and percussion, as the vocal spins between the layers. Sleepy Sun utilises the players to creative heights. The sound avoids becoming self-indulgent as the underlying energy doesn’t permit that smoky plume to become a layer of thick fog, as the compositions deftly maintain a swirling in the ears.

Sleepy Sun pull together a myriad of threads and instead of making a knotted ball, create an elevator to the skies.


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