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From Rochester in the USA we find Sara Passamonte (Lead Vocals),  J Passamonte (Drums / Vocals), Dylan Emerson (Guitar) and Robert Smith (Bass / Vocals) who formerly included Mike Ortolaza in the line-up who are the progressive rock band Nevergreen. A blend of influences lie through the band which they turn-around to produce music with an engaging quality. I particularly like the use of […]


Abadabad from Allston in the USA is the dream-wave quartet of Jeremy Lee Given, Adam Taylor Young, Welly Netto and Josh Northcutt. Sounds that resonate of a Tarantino film spill out of the speakers. Were this a restaurant meal it would be Nouvelle Cuisine and a bit like Marmite, if you don’t like it, it is unlikely […]


Tjutjuna is a psychedelic rock band comprising Brian Marcus, Robert Ballantyne, Fernando Garcia, James Barone and Adam Shaffner from Denver in the USA. Another Banter Media introduction from 2010. Best to leave the closed-mind outside the room when you settle down for the ride that is Tjutjunta. They have developed an intriguing style which finds the material hurtling out of […]

Abby Gogo

Abby Gogo from Atlanta in the USA is a three piece shoegaze out-fit made up of Bon Allinson (Vocals / Guitar), Jon Allinson (Vocal / Guitar) and Puma Navarro (Drums). Doing precisely what it says on the tin, Abby Gogo deliver some incredibly well crafted shoegaze for the edification of listeners. Two years ago I received an email […]

Storie Grubb and the Holy Wars

Storie Grubb and the Holy Wars is a lo-fi rock band based in Boise in the USA. Originally set up as a one man project, the current line-up is Sean, Bruce Maurey, Luna Michelle and Mathew Vorhies (formerly included Shane Brown who is now playing with James Plane Wreck). ** With an extensive back catalogue of material that […]

Kissed Her Little Sister

Kissed Her Little Sister is the lo-fi indie snger songwriter Jeffrey from Los Angeles in the USA. There must be millions of aspiring musicians sitting in their rooms working out how to get their thoughts in to a musical format. Most won’t ever make the translation, The vast majority of the rest create something that […]

Blonde Summer

Blonde Summer is Chris Pope (vocals / guitar), Matt Reid (guitar), Chris Livingstone (bass) and Stephen Kurshner (drums) from Los Angeles in the USA , who produce lo-fi surf pop to match the band name. There is a sound that emerges from the speakers that can’t be mistaken other than arising from Los Angeles and it is of no […]

The Glass Canoe

The Glass Canoe from San Diego in the USA formed back in 2009 to unleash to the world an emergent psychedelic-pop through the line up of David Korrigan, Max O’Reilly, Blake La Grange and Drew Galindo. Reminders of live-aid come wondering out of the trails of my mind as I take a listen to The Glass Canoe, whilst fuzzy […]


Clues from Montreal are a significant marker in the Canadian indie music scene. Their exploratory music will resonate with music fans who appreciate creativity. Even attempting to designate the band is fraught with difficulty. In mid 2007 Alden Penner and Brendan Reed got together as an experimental band and played some low profile gigs, which […]


Jointpop from Trinidad and Tobago have been around since 1996, producing music with a wide range of influences, from the ’60s to the ’80s. Gary Hector (Guitar/Vocal), Damon Homer (Guitar) Dion Camacho (Drums) Phil Hill (Keyboards) and Jerome Girdharrie (Bass) have combined to make a great sounding band. Throughout their wide repertoire, I find myself […]