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Staycation is a band from Toronto in Canada and can best be described as rock-a-billy rooted Goth Rock, which doesn’t really help much. So let’s try Alternative-ShoegazeTim Perkins (Guitar / vocals), Will Butter (Bass) and Ricardo Ubdula (Drums) started life back in October 2010 and since then have released one EP and have a second – Pay What You Can’t - scheduled for about now. You won’t find them playing live much, as I write, as they are converting an old church in to a music studio.



The vocal and speed, resonates of dark and silky goth rock, the chords would be at home on a rock-a-billy hyperventilation. The dark structures slither out of the speakers like the rolling clouds of the smoke from an oil fire.

There is a delightful depth to the bass which frames the material, whilst the guitar wanders off to add a layer of finesse, as the drumming holds a tight reign on the tempo and vocals are permitted to explore. This is an interesting combination which keeps the the listener closely focused on the out-put. The  conglomeration of such different influences creates a fine space for the band to develop and I look forward to hearing how things move forward.


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