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Bear in Heaven

Since their first release back in 2003 Bear in HeavenSadek Bazaraa, Jon Philpot, Joe Stickney and Adam Wills from Brooklyn, in the USA have been experimenting with psychedelic rock.

Bear in Heaven

Bear in Heaven

I’m not sure if have some honey smell about me,  but my inbox is replete with bands with the name Bear in them, perhaps I am just highly aware just how many bands have sent me material I just haven’t had the opportunity to review.

This particular Bear, Bear in Heaven caught my attention with their somnambulant out-put. The ease with which they fade back the guitar and add layers of echo becomes hypnotic, as the ever present beat catches the hearts rhythm, the ears are given the sense that they are one with the music, feeding the brain with messages of compliance.

This needs dusk and plenty of time, as it particularly easy to become entranced by the whole construct. To work this well, demands the most careful attention to detail by the band, as one discordant note would break the spell. They push some edges as the music veers away from the anticipated, but this is handled with grace and gentleness, so it appears as a mere additional layer of cloak, wrapping the mind ever more in to the images created in the listener.

It doesn’t however become a parody of itself with rambling interludes of no relevance and this is what marks Bear in Heaven out as a band adding some value. You always have the feeling, this is going somewhere.


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