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New Year Ninety 2013 – 80 to 71

Continuing the chart New Year Ninety 2013 run down from 80 to 71, one of the sadnesses I often find with the charts are that some of the bands have now dissolved for one reason or another.

Indie Bands Blog

Indie Bands Blog

80 – Bernays Propaganda (Macedonia)

79 – Little Hurricane (USA)

Home Wrecker is available on Homewrecker - Little Hurricane*

78 - Blackhearts (England))

77 – Battle For Paris (England)

Superstar is available on Superstar - Battle for Paris*

76 – The Clouds (Indonesia)

75 – Kae (Holland)

74 – Sculpture (England)

Social Satan from Sculpture on Vimeo.

73 – Islington Boys Club (England)

72 – She’s A Beauty (Eire)

71 – The Homesick (Holland)

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