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Battle for Paris

For my first review of thrash metal ironically I head to Bridport – Dorset in England, where over half the county is designated as an area of ‘Outstanding Natural Beauty’. Here we find Battle For ParisJoe Bush (Guitar), Philip King (Guitar), Chris Brown (Bass), Sam Bush (Drums) and Tim Preston (Vocals) have been plying their trade for a few years now and on the 19th April 2012 will be releasing their début album – Superstar.

Battle For Paris

Battle For Paris

Why I find the UK, despite my rants (for new readers, I occasionally post links to my non-music sites), such a heart puller is this kind of irony. Bridport has a population of fewer than 20 000, and many of those are second homes, yet has produced from the sands of Chesil Beach the likes of P.J. Harvey, Mutter Slater and Billy Bragg. Chances are you are using NVIDIA on your device and hey ho we find Neil Trevett also emanates from the town.

I am reminded back in the Easter break in ’77 when my father informed me we were off to buy me a computer, bearing in mind I lived in spitting distance of Central London, where did we head? Worthing in East Sussex, which had a computer shop (almost unheard of at that time) and more relevantly had the latest computer – a Commodore PET. Such were and are the ironies of the UK. Speaking of which – the Bridport knife -refers to the Hangman’s noose, such useful information…

If Battle For Paris were just another noise, then for sure I wouldn’t even be reflecting on computers from the ’70s, but the new release has an opening track Fuck Tiger of a mere 1:06 seconds, the opening 30 seconds of which are barely audible, until we get 54 seconds in to the track there is no guitar and then we only have ten seconds left. So no, these guys are not just another mix of noise, they are also highly creative.

There is a genuine musical ability to the band, which runs through the tracks that belies the ranting titles and pandemonium. The hysterical vocal adds a drop of acid in to the pot and as to be expected with a litmus test the music turns to rage red, though as I am red / blue / green colour blind, I wonder if that makes any sense to anything other than theory, but do take a listen, in a moment.

I enjoy what Battle For Paris have to add to the world of music and they deserve a turn of the ears for all those who are genre-blind, though I would agree ‘Fuck’ and misspellings in the titles to be trendy is a bit naive, but cast that aside as the band is worth some considerable space and perhaps a classification as inventive thrash-metal.


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