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The Homesick

The Homesick a three piece alternative dreamweave trio from from Dokkum in Holland is made up of Erik Woudwijk (Drums), Elias Elgersma (Guitar / Vocals), Jaap van der Velde (Guitar / Synth).

The Homesick

The Homesick

The band first contacted me a while ago and since that first introduction they have developed a rounder and more proficient sound, so this time, the delay has given space for the band to develop. The music incorporates extensive synth wrapping like a coil around a shoegaze instrumental which gives the ears an embalming spot in which to lay. The tracks are fairly exploratory, which in itself is not a bad thing, but as they have developed they have learnt that less is sometimes more and that to my head is a distinctive improvement.

The individual tracks cover extensive territory and can run for many minutes, but the flow ensures that the listener doesn’t get bored, in fact the compositions fool the brain in to thinking they have heard more than one piece. This works superbly on recorded material. I haven’t had the opportunity to consider this in live-performance and has the possibility of being one of those marmite concerts.

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