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Bernays Propaganda

Bernays Propaganda is a post new-wave band from Skopje in The Republic of Macedonia comprising of Kristina Gorovska (Vocal), Vasko Atanasoski (Guitar), Dzano Kuc (Drums) and Nenad Trifunovski (Bass).

Bernays Propoganda

Bernays Propaganda – photo by Kristijan Teodorov

What a great way to greet the dawn on Sunday – highly politically charged material railing against a system with a controlled delivery. So thanks Bernays Propaganda for teeing up the day so well. Since their formation in 2007 the quartet have delivered numerous releases in addition to a growing international audience, where their appearance is greeted with enthusiasm.

The music is sketched out by a hard hammering of the drums, which sets up a thick string bass line over that combination a more intricate guitar mellows the sound before it is all pieced together by a diatribic lyric which is set inside  razor sharp vocal. The overall effect leaves the brain unsure whether to relax or become enraged as the band capably wraps up the conundrums of life within the out-put. On the one hand it is possible to lay up your feet and enjoy the music for what it is, smartly delivered layers of atmosphere, or raise a fist in anger and get out to protest.

Where-ever you sit in that conundrum, don’t be fooled it to any false sense of security as this is a band with a message to deliver and they have created a vehicle in Bernays Propaganda which is ideally suited. I also noticed they have played with another of the perennial favourites on the website – The Ex.


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