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She’s a Beauty

She’s a Beauty from Maynooth in Ireland have been around since 2009 when Cathal Farrelly (Lead Vocals/ Rhythm Guitar), Robert Hogan (Lead Guitar / Backing vocals), Tomo Garnett (Drums & Percussion) and Jamie Caprani (Bass) decided it was their time to create some of their own music.

She's a Beauty

She's a Beauty

An interesting concept, the band play a mix of styles, each very distinct, so where does She’s a Beauty sit for the onomasiological minded, well simply it doesn’t, this is a band which transcends neat piles of definition.

The commonality of theme is the highly competent musicians, who are not only able to play the instruments, but more importantly are able to construct songs and tunes which exude emotion. That isn’t to say there is no sense of fun, far from it, twitches of interjection by guitar or bass add a smile to the face of the listener and the vocal catches the sense of humour which is an important element to the sound.

The band have the ability to cross a swathe of styles within a matter of a few tracks, which does dilute the ‘sound’ of the band, but that isn’t particularly important. What She’s a Beauty delivers, may well sound different each time, but it is consistently of a high standard and generates a genuine sense of being in a good space.


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