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Kae, from Dordrecht in Holland started out life in 2008 as a singer/ lyricist –  songwriter collaboration between Alex Elzer and Korine Varekamp. In mid 2011 the band developed to the current stage presence of Korine (vocal), Eric Hertogh (Keys), Marcel Chrétien (Guitar), Pim Nagtzaam  (Bass) and Rob Wagterveld (Drums).



I pondered between Alternative vocal and alternative pop to get some kind of a steer to you the reader and then thought it best I give up fighting between the distinctions. This is a delightful flight of sonics which appears like sparkling soap-bubbles at a birthday party.

I find my head careening across the room chasing the magnetic keys, whilst up-facing to catch the vocal floating high above. Whilst the over-all effect is uplifting, it has that reverberation of The Blockheads spaces. No, don’t expect Ian Dury to come bounding out of the speakers, you may be reminded of Kate Bush and Florian Armstrong, this is an engaging space in which to dwell on a day of reflection.

Kae is able to encompass a breadth of structures and the time in developing the band was well spent. Dutch Bands are a delight to explore as oft, we find an introspection that belies the geography of the land-scape. There is no flat land mass to be found here, as the listener is guided through depths and highs.


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  1. [...] was March 2012 that Kae were introduced to the website and a year on I had the opportunity to interview Korine Varekamp [...]

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