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Islington Boys Club

Islington Boys Club, who are based in North London, comprise Andy Lovelee, Daniel Silvester Taylor-Lind, Drew Kennedy and Ed Pearson, have been around for just over a year. Their electro-rock  and strong visuals have gained them some considerable momentum and after their recent release and UK tour, are heading off to Italy, to spread the word.

Islington Boys Club

Islington Boys Club

Sharp reminders of French ’70s punk give way to some far more developed music, as Islington Boys Club bring  a sense of enjoyment and fun to their output.

ISLINGTON BOYS CLUB: Plastic 16 by Theo PR

I enjoy the way the band bounce the instrumentation and vocal off each other, creating a coherence out of seemingly disparate sounds. Adding electronica to what is essentially at its heart, rock riffs, demands attention to detail. The output however sounds easy, almost as though the Islington Boys Club turned up on the hoof, this is an essential ingredient of a strong band, not sounding as though they are trying too hard.

Listening to the output, I find myself travelling through a plethora reminders. Was that Iggy Pop rubbing up against Mono Stereo? All the time I am listening to a track, I want to be sure there is more on my play-list, where are we going next?

While the music is easy on the ears, the band manage to evade the trap of churning out wallpaper noise with their well crafted tracks and superb production values.

The double A side  Pristine / Plastic 16 – Islington Boys Club is now available for download*.

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* Purchases made through the Pristine / Plastic 16 – Islington Boys Club link will result in the indie bands blog earning a commission.

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