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New Year Ninety 2013 50 – 41

The New Year Ninety Chart for 2013 reaches the half way point:

Indie Bands Blog

Indie Bands Blog


50 – The Fireline (England)


In The Night is available on In the Night - Single - The Fireline*

49 – Beechwood (USA)

48 – Hot Head Show (England)

The Lemon is available on The Lemon LP - Hot Head Show*

47 – Gabrielle Wortman – now known as Temp3st (USA)

Ghost is available on Ghost - Single - Gabrielle Wortman*

46 – Rigna Folk (Germany)

Astropolis is available on Astropolis - Rigna Folk*

45 – Ambassadors (USA)

Litost is available on Litost - Ambassadors*

44 – Skimmed (Malta)

Your Head Is Too Big For Your Crown is available on Your Head Is Too Big for Your Crown - Skimmed*

43 – Pussy Riot (Russia)

42 – Masters In France (Wales)

Playin’ With My Friends is available on Playin' With My Friends - Single - Masters in France*

41 – Laura By Spruke (USA)

Katana & Tonic is available on Katana & Tonic - Laura By Spruke*

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*Purchases made through the In the Night - Single - The Fireline links will result in the Indie Bands Blog earning a commission.

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