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Hot Head Show

Hot Head Show who have been together since 2008, are from Hackney, London in England – a trio comprising Jordan Bennett (Rhythm Guitar & Monologues), Vaughn Stokes ( Bass & Singing) and Beatamax -(Drumming & Singing). Their recent release Bummer/Hotel Room provides a glimpse to the dichotomies that they challenge the listener.  Hotel Room having been recorded to 4-track cassette tape in a room above a betting shop in Hackney, and Bummer to a laptop in  Buckinghamshire.

Hot Head Show

Hot Head Show

I can’t believe I have listened to over half an hour of Hot Head Show, before getting here. I guess that means this is a band who demands attention, as in a puppy being house-trained, great stuff, no not the puppy – Hot Head Show.

I get the distinct impression this is a unit which has a far more demanding insight than pure music. I just love the concept of Hackney and Bucks, to those who don’t know the UK. Hackney is a deprived over-crowded Urban space and Buckinghamshire is one of the wealthiest places in the UK. For a double A side, that is a wonderful stamp of where the band sit.

Being intellectual is all well and good, but does the music stack to anything? In my view Hot Head Show demonstrate not only great challenges to philosphy, but far more importantly as a band are able to express this lyrically and musically.

Hot House Show may not overtly aiming at the space that lived within by Bob Dylan, however they slide comfortably towards his capability as an exponent, not on this occasion of political issues, rather of the dilemmas of the human psyche. I am minded of a friend who died recently, no not of his death, but of his never ending chase to explore spaces the brain could fill.

I haven’t spoken much of the music, simply because trying to genrify fails to make sense of the band, who have encompassed music in the same way that Byron was a poet.

They will never hit the mainstream and in reality not even a tributary of that flow, but I am delighted to present to the readers a superb outfit, who are in my mind simply brilliant and no it isn’t full off the heavy bass and drum beats that you know I will always keel over for, this is really interesting space.



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