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Skimmed is an indie band based around Birkirkara in Malta where they meet up to practice. The quartet comprise Alexandra Aquilina (vocals / keys), Daniel Borg (guitar), Federico Cilia (bass) and Christoffer Mercieca (drums).



There is a frisson that shivers down the spine on hitting play as the purple velvet gloves of sound emerge across the room wrapping ever more tightly around the head. The slightly gothic feel does not over run the material which has a sultry sexuality that flirts with the audience. There is a superb interplay between instruments and it derives directly from The Slits and Siouxsie Sue which is a space in which of course I would revel.

Skimmed is an exemplar of a band hindered by geographic roots as this would play superbly in the UK as it would equally across much of Europe, New York and environs in the USA and much of South America and highly deserving of an introduction on the indie bands blog.

The mood-shifts that flow from the quartet are highly competent and relevant and I could imagine this sitting on a film-noir as the sound track as they delve in to the human psyche. A release which was scheduled for the end of October 2012 but has been delayed until February 2013 – Summer Lovers – which I have had the good fortune to hear in full, will be reviewed early next year, is a sublime piece of work.  I wish these guys from Malta – not to forget to mention Mercieca is from Gozo – all the best with their career.

My advice – Go to Malta and catch-up with Skimmed in performance  failing that –  let’s hope they can get on an International tour – sooner rather than later.

For now here is the opening track – Ronnie – from the LP – which is also available from here as a free download.


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