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Laura By Spruke

Laura By Spruke is a collaboration between the  Buffalo in the USA based Laura Grace and Bill Boulden who have come together for an interesting retro-electronic experimental twist.

Laura by Spruke

Laura by Spruke

The moment I clicked – Play – my life felt better. The duo from very different backgrounds have engaged and created a superb soundspace. Invective and challenge roar out of the speakers like a rabid Doberman wrapped in a tissue paper. You just know beneath the pink tissue stirs a behemoth waiting to inflict invective.

Solid beats drive the electronics forward as if in a maddened tango as the vocal strides across the floor adding balance and poise to the material and the listener finds themselves encased in a web of tantalising poisonous honey. The playground of David and Bathsheba is laid bare for the audience as the music pulls in threads from around the globe to entrap and ensnare, whilst the darts of approbation hit the target with each syllable.


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