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Rigna Folk

Rigna Folk is a conceptual ambient rock band from Ulm in Germany. Jens Schalle (Guitar / Synth) , Viktor Nordir (Vocal Guitar), Chriss Fakler (Bass) and Vlad Müller (Drums) have created a context which is reflective of a rain swept industrialised city reminiscent of the 1930s and look to create this atmosphere in their live performances which spring up in a diversity of spaces from private homes to festival stages.

Rigna Folk

Rigna Folk

The artifice in which the band has set as its structure adds an interest, which could have fallen flat on its face as pretentious twaddle, works superbly as Rigna Folk deliver a soundboard which reflects the concept. The band name being a play on the German –  Regenvolk – Rain People.

The electronics and guitar sound as though coming through a waterfall, whilst the percussion and bass drive a continual tempo in which the vocal sits inside an echo chamber.

Drawing references from the psychedelic and inventive end of rock music, Rigna Folk has created an interesting concept in which to envelope the music.

Without understanding the concept in which the band performs the music stands on it’s own, so it is far from some niche clique mind-set and is as accessible to the casual listener as the hard-core fan.


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